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Selected Bioinformatics Alumni Placements


Grad. Yr.


Suvekshya Shrestha 2022 Ph.D. Program, Ohio State University.
Esther Jacubowicz 2021 Senior Analyst,
Informatics Operations & Support,
Pfizer Vaccine Research & Development.
Vanesa Getseva 2021 Ph.D. program, Columbia University. (Field of Research: Computational Biology).
Jennifer Haber 2020 Graduate program in Bioinformatics, Johns Hopkins University.
Jose Carrillo 2019 DMD program, Harvard Dental School.
Patrick DeMarinis 2019 Validation and Compliance Analyst, Viral Vaccine Research, at Pfizer.
Angela Taylor 2018 Scientist, Suvoda, Conshohoken, PA.

Bryan Delfing


Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, George Mason Univ.

Safal Shrestha


Ph.D. program (ILS), Univ. of Georgia

Mingzhao Liu


Senior System Analyst, research Informatics, Pfizer.

Haley Wight


Ph.D. program, Univ. of Maryland;

2021: Data Scientist at GSK.

Abigail Ameri


Ph.D., Univ. of Georgia. Postdoctoral Associate, Univ. Georgia.

2022: Next-Generation Sequencing Study Manager,
Azenta Life Sciences

Evan Clayton


Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology

2019: Computational Biologist at GSK

2022: Director of Bioinformatics, SP2TX.

Matthew Crum


Bioinformatics Specialist, Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc., CA.

2016: Ph.D. program at Boston College, MA.

2021: Senior Data Engineer, Bristol Myers Squibb

Camille Menendez


Graduate Program, Kean University, NJ.

Currently: Associate Bioengineer II at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Sarah Carrante


Graduate Program, Thomas Jefferson University, PA.

Currently: IRB Analyst I at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Dean Bobo


Graduate Program, Johns Hopkins, MD.

Waleed Haso


Post-Bacc Fellow, National Cancer Institute, MD.

Gadareth Higgs 2008 Ph.D. Program, Yale Univ., CT.

Aileen Tolentino


Halegua Senior Business Analyst at Montefiore Health System.

Carolyn Ochoa


Scientist, Pfizer.

M.D., RWJ Med School.
Pediatric Resident at Rutgers RWJ Medical School

Matthew Croken


Ph.D., Albert Einstein Institute, NY.

Currently: Assistant Professor and Bioinformatician at Mount Sinai Health Systems

Nishtha Malhotra


Senior Software Engineer at Reaktor.

Oleg Kikin


Programmer, Italy.

Anthony Olarerin-George


Ph.D. Program, Univ. of Pennsylvania

Rumen Kostadinov


Ph.D., Univ. of Pennsylvania; Post Doctorate, Johns Hopkins; Computational Biologist, GSK.

Rajintha Bandarnayake


Ph.D. Program, Univ. of Massachusetts

Ben Barrios


Scientist, Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals, NJ.

Garret Dancik


Ph.D., Iowa State Univ.
Full Professor Computer Science/Bioinformatics,: Eastern Connecticut State Univ.

Bioinformatics Alumni Feedback

Garrett M. Dancik, Ph.D.
ociate Professor of Computer Science/Bioinformatics
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Eastern Connecticut State University , CT. 

RCNJ- BS in Bioinformatics:

I am extremely fortunate to have been able to graduate from Ramapo College of New Jersey with a degree in Bioinformatics.  The major provided me with an excellent foundation in the biological and computational sciences which gave me an advantage over my peers in graduate school, the majority of who did not have an interdisciplinary background. In addition, Ramapo provided me with valuable bioinformatics research opportunities, including the opportunity to present my research at regional conferences.  As a result of my academic preparation and research experiences, my transition into a graduate program in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology was very smooth, and I attribute much of my success in graduate school to my experiences at Ramapo College.”

Rumen Kostdadinov
Ph.D. in Genomics and Computational Biology
University of Pennsylvania Medical School

RCNJ- BS in Bioinformatics:

“The bioinformatics major gave me an interdisciplinary training spanning biology, chemistry, computer science and statistics, as well as opportunities to do research. The coursework provided me the breadth of knowledge, and research provided me the depth of knowledge, that is required for successful admission to the doctoral program in genomics and computational biology at UPenn. Solving research problems with individual mentoring from Dr. Bagga, Dr. Kumar and Dr. D'Antonio, helped me develop excellent programming skills, that I use every day in my graduate work. As I look back, for me, Ramapo laid the foundation of a successful career in academia, for which, I am grateful.”  

Oleg Kikin
Web Developer, Bioinformatics Researcher

RCNJ- BS in Bioinformatics:  

"What really impresses me about bioinformatics is that one person can do truly complex research with just a computer and the internet. With cloud computing becoming cheaper every day, significant computational resources are available even to low budget research teams. Ramapo bioinformatics program has been absolutely terrific. With both biology and computer science professors participating, it's a great environment to learn and do actual research. I and other students got multiple publications in Oxford University press research journal, which is a great head start if you're planning to get into masters/PhD programs."

Matt Croken
Ph.D. in Microbiology
Albert Einstein Institute

RCNJ- BS in Bioinformatics:

“The Bioinformatics Program at Ramapo did an excellent job of preparing me for a career in Biological research. I credit the coursework, independent research program, and most especially the Bioinformatics faculty with making me a competitive graduate school applicant and giving me the skills I need to pursue a Ph.D. in microbiology.”

Carolyn Ochoa
Scientist, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, NY
M.D. Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Pediatric Resident at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

RCNJ- BS in Bioinformatics:

"Bioinformatics has enabled me to broaden my knowledge in the scientific and medical research fields.  The bioinformatics major has introduced me to some of the latest technologies in acquiring and analyzing data, which has proven to be useful tool both in my current position with Pfizer and as I prepare for medical school.  Being a Bioinformatics major, the skills and techniques you learn are some of the newest methods used in research."

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