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Careers in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics Career Guide
The Ramapo College bioinformatics program prepares students to obtain employment in the industry and acadamia, pursue graduate education, careers in medicine and related disciplines, or engage in research in this technological field of great demand. Some examples of the job options for bioinformatisc graduates include: research scientist, bioinformatics programmer, physician, project manager, database developer and administrator, technical assistant and technical sales representative (some of these may require graduate education). The following links may be helpful in preparation of a career in bioinformatics.

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Salaries of Bioinformatics Scientists
Bioinformatics scientists make very competitive salaries.

Average Scientist, Bioinformatics Salaries in NJ/NY

Scientist, Bioinformatics:

Senior Scientist, Bioinformatics Salary in New York
Senior Scientist, Bioinformatics Salary in New Jersey
Bioinformatics Scientist Salaries
Bioinformatics Engineer Salaries
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Career Opportunities in Bioinformatics
The bioinformatics program at Ramapo College provides high quality career-oriented training. Bioinformatics skill sets are one of the most sought-after in the current market. Therefore, students graduating with this major have many attractive career options. In addition to the pharmaceuticals, potential employers include research labs in academia, hospitals, governmental agencies, software industry, bioinformatics service industry and many more. Bioinformatics jobs offer decent salaries and are easy to find. Follow the links below to search for jobs that require bioinformatics skills:

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