Minor in Bioinformatics
(Starting Fall 2009)

The bioinformatics minor provides Ramapo College students with an opportunity to develop bioinformatics skills, which will complement their major program of study. Students with a minor in bioinformatics are expected to be better prepared for professional schools, graduate programs, and research oriented jobs in the industry and academia. The minor also offers a more thorough preparation for the doctoral programs.

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Bioinformatics is rapidly becoming an essential technology at the forefront of medical and biological research. The capability of performing genome wide scale analyses and sophisticated proteomics techniques offered by the bioinformatics discipline are required to address complex biological issues. Consequently, students who are interested in admission to doctoral programs or explore job opportunities in industry, actively seek training in this field.

While bioinformatics majors are well prepared to handle the technological challenges of doctoral research, the bioinformatics minor enables additional majors able to benefit from the existing bioinformatics resources at Ramapo College. The minor requires the students to take at least five courses from the bioinformatics curriculum. While the proposed minor program is open to all Ramapo College students, it is more likely to benefit students majoring in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Computer Science. The highly interdisciplinary bioinformatics minor is consistent and appropriate with the mission of the college as well as the strategic plan.


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